HT Quantification for a Drug Mixture in Rat Plasma: Comparison of UPLC/MS/MS and LC/MS/MS

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Kate Yu, David Little, Rob Plumb
Waters ASMS 2004 poster
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One major application of the tandem LC/MS analysis is quantification. An optimum quantification protocol requires a fast LC separation with sufficient MS analysis in order to obtain good linearity and low limit of detection. Major challenges in achieving an ultra-sensitive quantification protocol include matrix interference, limitations of LC/MS system such as column efficiency, system volume, system back pressure etc., as well as the data collection speed and the stability of the MS. Improvement in LC/MS/MS quantification relies on either to improve LC separation (column efficiency, peak capacity, system volume etc) via increasing the separation efficiency, improving column chemistry as well as reducing column dimension and/or particle size, or to improve the data acquisition rates in the mass spectrometer.

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