Towards Global Proteomics by Analysis of Exact Mass Retention Time Pairs: A Proof-of-Principle of the Quantitative Ion Mapping Technology

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Scott J. Geromanos, Keith Richardson, Phillip Young, Richard Denny, Marc Gorenstein, Guo-Zhong Li, Timothy Riley, Jeffrey Silva
Waters ASMS 2004 poster
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This poster illustrates the quantitative capabilities of the new Waters® Protein Expression System. The data presented were generated using commercially available tryptically digested human serum samples spiked with different concentrations of five exogenous internal reference proteins contained in the Waters Protein Expression System Standards. Data were acquired in alternate scanning low and elevated energy accurate mass LC/MS mode. Each spiked digest sample was analyzed in triplicate. The raw data was than processed through a suite of Protein Expression System Informatics tools to produce a list of unique Exact Mass Retention-Time (EMRT) components. The data are processed further to match and compare the intensity of like EMRT components from different sample injections. Accurate mass low and elevated information associated with EMRT components that illustrate a significant change in intensity may optionally be exported to facilitate their qualitative identification.

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