Small Molecule TOF MS Detection Using Nanoscale Particles Compared to Analyte Detection Using DIOS Substrates

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Grace M. Credo, Edouard S. P. Bouvier
Waters ASMS 2004 poster
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Previously, porous silicon etched into a silicon substrate has been used to facilitate soft ionization for laser desorption ionization (LDI) TOFMS [1-3] and chemical modification of the surface has recently improved sensitivity [4] Particles made of similar material may facilitate the following: ability to use different substrates, higher throughput bulk material manufacturing, increased capacity, lower laser power Applying what is known about TOFMS on porous silicon, we explore the following questions for particles: - Does surface modification improve performance? - Can we obtain improved results as particle size decreases? - Does the material matter? Would silica and silicon particles of similar size yield similar results? - Can the use of particles decrease the required laser power? - How does the particle to analyte ratio affect results?

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