Benefits of Automated HPLC Method Development and Transfer in Conjunction with Fast Chromatography

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Michael D Jones
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There is an enormous demand on today’s chemist to increase method development productivity but at the same time reduce costs. However, these two expectations are greatly hindered without today’s growing technological advances. Manual HPLC is labor intensive, time consuming and often imprecise hence the need for an automated process. As well, many chemists are not taking advantage of newer column chemistries because of their lack of experience with them. To date, there has been no efficient approach to reap the benefits that can ultimately save analysis time and money. Waters Automated Method Development System (AMDS) provides efficient routes to achieving these demanding tasks while providing utilization of the advantageous technologies in the field of column chemistry and instrumental advances that can present noticeable cost savings.

This poster was presented at HPLC 2004 .

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