Analyzing More Protein Samples with the Same Headcount: Is Open Access LC/MS Part of a Solution for Increasing Throughput while Decreasing Analysis Turnaround Time?

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Scott J. Berger, Asish B. Chakraborty, and John C. Gebler, Waters
Mass Spec 2007 Sept. 5-7 Montreal Canada
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Other Symposium
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Biopharmaceutical companies are increasing sample throughput demands on their analytical groups without a commensurate increase in analyst headcount. Analyst time has become a limited commodity, and many R&D groups experience delays of days to weeks for simple intact mass characterization of their molecules. Open access LC/MS provides a mechanism for organizations to leverage one analytical scientist to enable one or multiple research groups to carry out routine LC/MS analysis, with minimal or limited analyst involvement. In this poster, characteristics of an Open Access environment are explored. A system configured analysis of intact and reduced antibodies (heavy/light chain) is presented as a prototype application of open access for the biopharmaceutical environment. This poster was shown at Mass Spec 2007: Fourth Symposium on the Practical Applications of Mass Spectrometry in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries.

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