Investigation of Phenyl Alkyl Bonding Chemistry on Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Particles

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Kevin D Wyndham;Helice A Schramm;John E O''Gara;Bonnie A Alden;Thomas H Walter
HPLC 2001 Maastricht; 18-19 June 2001
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Ethylparaben; Ethylnaphthalene; Uracil; Propranolol; Butylparaben; Naphthalene; Dipropylphthalate; Acenaphthene; Amitriptylline
Test mixtures
As part of our program to develop phenyl HPLC column packings on XTerra hybrid particle packings, we have evaluated the effect of ligand connectivity, chain length, side group steric protection, and endcapping on hydrolytic stability in low and high pH mobile phases. In this report, bonded phase data will be presented that characterizes the differences and similarities between a series of phenyl alkyl substrates on XTerra hybrid particles. In general, the extension of the alkyl chain length resulted in increased stability in high pH mobile phases. The use of phenyl alkyl substrates based on di- or trichlorosilane or the increase in steric bulk around silicon resulted in increased stability in low pH mobile phases.

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