Electrospray Ionization-Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization for use in Open Access, High Throughput LC/MS Applications

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Richard Gallagher, Ian Sinclair, Paul Davey [AstraZeneca, Alderley Park, UK];Michael P. Balogh, Michael R. Jackson [Waters];Lisa Southern [Waters, Ltd., Elstree, UK]
ASMS 2002
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XTerra MS C18 3.5 µm Steel 2.1 mm 30 mm
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ESCi Multi-Mode Ionization Source

Fast and accurate analytical methods are essential to keep pace with sample libraries produced from combinational chemistry and high throughput biological screening. Many laboratories now use a combination of ionisation techniques for the characterisation of these samples including Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionisation (APCI), Electrospray Ionisation (ESI) and Photoionisation (PI).

In this poster we present findings for a new combined APCI-ESI source, the Waters ESCi Multi-Mode Ionization Source, for use in HPLC applications. The combined source allows alternate on-line APCI-ESI scans within a single analysis. The performance of the combined source has been compared to the existing APCI and ESI interfaces and found to be equivalent.

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