Investigation of Ethyl-Bridged Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Particles for Reversed-Phase HPLC Applications

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Kevin Wyndham, John O''Gara, Kenneth Glose, Nicole Arpin, Bonnie Alden, Cheryl Boissel, Pamela Iraneta, Thomas Walter
HPLC 2002; Montreal; 5-6 June 2002
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We have recently shown that great improvements in chromatographic stability in high pH mobile phases can be achieved by using hybrid organic/inorganic packing materials. These porous particles are prepared by the mixed condensation of organo-functionalized alkoxysilanes, RSi(OEt)3 (where R is an organic pendant group), or bridged alkoxysilanes, (EtO)3Si-R-Si(OEt)3 (where R is an organic bridging group) with tetraalkoxysilanes, Si(OEt)4, under controlled reaction conditions. As part of our ongoing exploration into the vast new field of hybrid organic/inorganic particles as HPLC packing materials, we have recently evaluated the use of ethyl bridged alkoxysilanes as material precursors. In this report, we take a close look at the synthesis and characterization of highly spherical ethyl-bridged hybrids particles. We will examine the effect of using different molar concentrations of ethyl-bridged hybrid alkoxysilanes has on the pore properties of these hybrid materials. We will also evaluate the reversed-phase chromatographic performance of these ethyl-bridged hybrid packing materials, and compare these results with conventional silica-based and methyl hybrid packing materials.

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