At-Column Dilution for Preparative Chromatography

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Cecilia Mazza, Jie Cavanaugh, Ziling Lu, Tom Sirard, Tom Wheat, Uwe Neue
HPLC 2002; Montreal; 3-4 June 2002
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Sample loading onto a column can be highly compromised due to the solubility of the compounds or their compatibility with the initial mobile phase conditions, resulting in low yields and productivity. Consequently, exploring alternative ways to load sample onto the column is urgently needed. The at-column-dilution method is a significant alternative as it allows an increase in sample loading, improving peak shapes, providing higher yield and productivity of the targeted compound. Case studies are shown where the benefits of the at-column-dilution method are demonstrated when loading basic compounds under acidic conditions and eluting at high pH, as well as when loading samples dissolved in strong sample solvents such as DMSO. The cases shown here illustrate the utility of the at-column-dilution technique while maintaining present day isolation and purification needs both in combinatorial chemistry as well as drug development.

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