Femtomole and subfemtomole analysis by capillary HPLC

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Cohen, Steven A.;Cuppett, Cozette M.
Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS) October 30, 2000; Atlantic City, NJ
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DNA adducts; Derivatized peptides; Derivatized amino acids; Femtomole; Subfemtomole
Symmetry® C18 100 Å Steel 0.32 mm 150 mm Symmetry® C18 100 Å Steel 0.32 mm 15 mm Symmetry® C18 300 Å Steel 0.32 mm 150 mm
Capillary high performance liquid chromatography is rapidly becoming a standard tool in cutting edge laboratories. The ability to handle and analyze extremely low concentrations of analytes is essential for samples such as protein digests from 2D gel isolates, rare DNA adducts, neurotransmitter analysis and bioanalytical studies from early drug discovery labs. We have used a series of high sensitivity detectors, including photodiode array, mass spectrometry and laser induced fluorescence detectors, to analyze samples by capillary chromatography to provide detection at femtomole levels and lower. For certain samples one detector may suffice and provide the best sensitivity while others may benefit from the use of multiple detectors in series. We will show examples of each highlighting those features of a particular detection mode that provide unique selectivity or sensitivity for specific sample types.

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