High-throughput Biopolymer Desalting Prior to Mass Spectrometry

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Alexei Belenky;Bing H Wang;Eva Budman;Claude R Mallet;Edouard SP Bouvier;Martin Gilar
DNA 2000 Symposium; Boston; June 1-3 2000
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Other Symposium
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Oasis HLB 5 mg 96-well Plate Oasis HLB 10 mg 96-well Plate
DNA Oligonucleotides; 25-mer phosphorothioate; peptides; Cytochrome C tryptic digest; Protein
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Abstract: Mass spectrometry is a prime method for analysis of proteins or DNA genetic information. Biopolymer samples are enzymatically or chemically fragmented, and analyzed by MALDI-TOF MS or ESI MS. Due to the ion suppression and ion adduct formation it is mandatory to remove salts from biopolymer samples prior to MS analysis. We have developed a fast and efficient method to desalt DNA oligonucleotides and peptides using a 96-well extraction plate packed with 5 mg of Oasis® HLB sorbent. The polymeric reversed-phase sorbent strongly retains the biopolymer analytes, while small inorganic ions are unretained and can be washed out with pure deionized water. DNA oligonucleotides or peptides are eluted using a small amount (20-150 ul) of acetonitrile-water (70/30, v/v) solution. The biopolymer sample purification method should be suitable for MS applications such as protein identification and DNA genotyping.

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