Analysis of Perfluorinated Compounds using UPLC and MS/MS Detection

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Anna Kärrman, Ingrid Ericson, Bert van Bavel, Gunilla Linstrom (Orebro University, Sweden);Antonietta Gledhill, Gordon Kearney (Waters)
Dioxin 2006, Aug. 21-25, Oslo, Norway
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Other Symposium
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The worldwide ubiquitous occurrence of PFCs in the environment and in human blood has in recent years raised researchers and authorities attention. These compounds are both hydrophobic and hydrophilic, which are properties that make them frequently used for treatment of carpets, fabric, leather, protection of paper and food packaging and also as performance chemicals in plastic production, fire-fighting foam, polish, cleaners and insecticides. This poster shows results using UPLC-MS/MS: UPLC systems run at much higher pressures than traditional HPLC (maximum operating pressure is 15,000 psi / ~1000 Bar) providing the advantage of much faster run-times without compromising the selectivity. For this experiment a new method for the UPLC was set up and the amount of PFC’s in whole blood and plasma samples were calculated. This poster was presented at Dioxin 2006, Aug. 21-25 2006 in Oslo, Norway.

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