An HTS Methodology for Metabolite Detection and Identification without Prior Knowledge of Metabolites Using a Data Independent Strategy with a Q-Tof Instrument

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Jose Castro-Perez, John Shockcor, Kate Yu, Jane Kirby, Waters
ISSX 2006, Oct. 22-26, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico; The Belgian Society for Mass Spectrometry, February 16, 2007 K. U. Leuven, Belgium; DGMS 2007, Mar 11-14, University of Bremen, Germany
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Q-Tof Premier
Finding and identifying metabolites in cold in vivo studies by LC-MS is extremely challenging, as metabolites are often present at such low levels that chromatographically they are indistinguishable from the background endogenous materials. In practice this means several LC-MS-(MS) experiments are usually performed for each sample to fully explain the metabolic fate of the compound. In this work we describe a novel approach that enables all of the key metabolite information to be collected in a single LC/MS run. Data was acquired using a Waters Q-Tof Premier mass spectrometer. The separation was performed on a Waters ACQUITY UPLC system. This poster was shown at the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX) in Puerto Rico.

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