Developing a Systematic Approach to Method Transfer from UPLC to Preparative HPLC

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Fang Xia, Jie Y. Cavanaugh, Thomas E. Wheat, Diane M. Diehl and Jeffrey R. Mazzeo [Waters]
HPLC 2006, June 17-23, San Francisco, CA
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Amitriptyline; Diltiazem; Labetalol; Quinine; Verapamil
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Ultra Performance LC (UPLC™) enables improvements in the sensitivity, resolution and speed of analytical separations. In the case of impurity profiling methods, significant amounts of material will need to be collected for identification as well as further characterization studies. Therefore, it is necessary to systematically transfer UPLC assays not only to HPLC, but, more importantly, to preparative chromatography. In this presentation, we discuss a systematic approach with key guidelines and observations to expedite the method transfer from UPLC to preparative LC. Parameters that need to be considered include column chemistry, column dimension, injection volume, temperature, mobile phase, flow rate, gradient method, cycle time, detector sensitivity, injector design and system volume. Step by step calculations will be included for a better understanding of evaluating method transfer validity. In addition, observations on reducing total run time in preparative LC will be covered.

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