Metabolic Profiling of Phospholipids in Rat Plasma Utilizing Ultra Pressure Liquid Chromatography and oa TOF Mass Spectrometry

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Paul D. Rainville, Chris L. Stumpf, John P. Shockcor, Robert S. Plumb
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Ultra High Sensitivity Bioanalysis

Metabolic profiling of endogenous metabolites within biological matrices may provide insight into gene functions, environmental stimuli, and disease states of organisms. Global separation and identification of all analytes in a complex matrix such as blood plasma can be a daunting analytical challenge because there is currently no single best analytical technique that works well for all analytes simultaneously. We have developed a reversed-phase UPLC™ method that is both compatible with mass spectrometry and has high chromatographic resolution, accomplished by using columns packed with 1.7 ìm particles and by making use of mobile phases fully compatible with mass spectrometry. Here we show the utilization of this method in the separation and direct identification of phospholipids species from Zucker rat plasma (an animal model for Type II diabetes).

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