A Validated Method for Risperidone in Human Plasma Using UPLC/MS/MS

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Ed Sprake, Steve Preece, Jan Claereboudt, Jing Lin (Waters)
Drug Analysis 2006; DA 2006; PBA 2006; Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 2006 May 16-19, 2006 Namur Belguim; JFSM 2006, Sept. 11-14, 2006 Nantes, France; The Belgian Society for Mass Spectrometry, February 16, 2007 K. U. Leuven, Belgium
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Other Symposium
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A method for the analysis of Risperidone and 9-OH Risperidone has been fully validated. Accuracy and Precision results exceed FDA guidelines for bioanalytical method validation. SPE allows the generation of cleaner extracts that result in significantly less ion suppression than PPT. Significant reductions in LC run time can be achieved using UPLC resulting higher sample throughput, while maintaining resolution. UPLC allows lower limits of detection to be reached due to decrease in peak width and an increase in signal-to-noise ratio.

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