An Investigation of Traveling Wave and Drift Tube IMS Separations of Protein Ion Charge States and their Fragments

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Steven Pringle, Kevin Giles, Robert Bateman (Waters);Stormy Koeniger, David Clemmer (Dept. of Chemistry, Indiana University);Stephen Valentine (Predictive Physiology and Medicine)
ASMS 2006 May 28-June 1 Seattle, Wa.; Baltimore MS Discussion Group 2006, ProteomeLux 2006 October 11 - 14 Luxembourg
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In this study, two new ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) techniques, traveling wave (TWIMS) and a tandem drift tube (TDTIMS) have been used to separate the ubiquitin fragment ions (formed by collision induced dissociation) prior to anaylsis by MS. The mobility resolution of the TDTIMS is shown to be greater than that of the TWIMS in the Waters Synapt HDMS system. The quadrupole mass filter in the latter has greater specificity than IMS. Consequently, the two systems provide comparable results both in terms of spectral decongestion and the ability to extract families of ions corresponding to specific fragment ion types and charge states from intact proteins.

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