Probing the AI-2 Regulatory Network in Porphyromonas Gingivalis by a Proteomics Approach

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Weibin Chen, John C. Gebler (Waters);Yoonsuk Park, Richard J. Lamont (University of Florida)
ASMS 2006 May 28-June 1, Seattle, Wa
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ASMS 2006, Proteomics: Lower Organisms: The new LC/MSE approach has been successfully applied to the qualitative and quantitative proteomics study of periodontal pathogen P. gingivalis.The study has identified and quantified 180 proteins that are commonly expressed in the strains (strain ÄluxS and ATCC 33277) using the un-fractionated tryptic digests of whole cell lysates.The quantitative comparison of protein expression profiles showed that there are 21 upregulated and 14 down-regulated proteins in strain ÄluxS compared to the wild type pg 33277.The effectiveness of the approach is demonstrated by the consistency of the results obtained from previous gene profiling.

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