The Combination of Ion Mobility with Orthogonal TOF Mass Spectrometry to Improve the Limits of Detection for MALDI Analysis

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Daniel Kenny, Jeff Brown, Kevin Giles, Steve Pringle, Jason Wildgoose, Bob Bateman
ASMS 2006 May 28-June 1 Seattle, Wa; Brazilian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, July 1 - 4, 2006, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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ASMS 2006, Instrumentation TOF-MS: Novel experimental instrumentation incorporating IMS and TOF MS. IMS allows different charge state MALDI ions to be isolated.The use of ion mobility in this instrument allows the duty cycle of the orthogonal-TOF to be increased across the whole m/z range.The extra sensitivity gained from the increase in duty cycle allows confident protein identifications to be made from sample concentrations as low as 125 attomol.

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