Using Exact Mass GC-TOF MS for the Multi-Residue Analysis of Priority Pollutants in Surface Waters

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Peter Hancock, Keith Worrall and Tim Jenkins
ISCC 2006
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A method has been presented for the targeted confirmation of more than 100 priority pollutants using Oasis SPE cartridges and the GCT Premier with the TargetLynx application manager. A majority of the pollutants can be confirmed to concentration levels of less than 0.1 ìg/L in surface waters. Exact mass chromatograms improve the selectivity available, allowing lower LODs to be reached. The method can also be extended to larger numbers of residues without loss in sensitivity. The full spectrum approach provided by TOF also allows current and historical data to be screened for untargeted residues with the ChromaLynx application manager. ChromaLynx enables automatic peak detection, deconvolution, library searching and exact mass scoring.

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