A Comparison of Travelling Wave and Drift Tube Ion Mobility Separations

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Jason Wildgoose;Kevin Giles;Steven Pringle, Robert Bateman (Waters);Stormy Koeniger, David Clemmer (Indiana University);Stephen Valentine (Predictive Physiology and Medicine)
ASMS May 28-June 1, 2006 Seattle, Wa
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This poster was presented at ASMS 2006. Ion Mobility TWIMS displays the same general trends of charge separation and mass correlation seen in drift tube IMS. A generalization of the collision cross section versus drift time equation allows for an accurate calibration of the TWIMS device resulting in calculated collision cross sections within +/- 3.5% (2SD). The coefficients in the generalised equation needs further investigation both in terms of reproducibility over a range of TWIMS conditions and in terms of origin. A simple periodic voltage waveform together with a drag model for ion motion gives a reasonable prediction of drift time through the TWIMS device.

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