Clustering Precursor and its Fragmentation Data Across Multiple Samples

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Guo-Zhong Li, Marc V. Gorenstein, Dan Golick, Richard Denny, Craig A. Dorschel, Jeffrey C. Silva, Scott J. Geromanos
ASMS 2006 May 28-June 1 Seattle, Wa
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ASMS 2006 Bioinformatics II_ Biomarker discovery by proteomic profilebased on LC/MSE technology needs to track ions from different samples. Here we develop algorithm to use protein ID, peptide sequence and retention time to track ions. The tracking result from replicated injections of one sample can be used for more accurate intensity measurement because that they are replicated data. The tracking result from different samples can give the expression changes (intensity changes) of the samples and lead to biomarker discovery.

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