Application of High Resolution TOF-MS Multi-Residue Analysis of Pesticides

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Keith Worrall, Peter Hancock, Daniel McMillan
European Pesticide Residue Workshop EPRW 2006 May 21-25 Corfu, Greece; Dioxin 2006, Aug. 21-25, Oslo, Norway; JFSM 2006, Sept. 11-14, Nantes, France
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Methods have been presented for the targeted screening of pesticide residues in food commodities using both the GCT Premier and LCT Premier with TargetLynx. The residues can be screened to concentration levels of 0.01 mg/kg or less in various matrices with the use of exact mass chromatograms. The methods can be extended to larger numbers of residues without loss in sensitivity due to the full spectrum approach provided by exact mass TOF instruments.The saved data files can also be used to screen for untargeted residues using ChromaLynx. ChromaLynx enables automatic peak detection, deconvolution, library searching and exact mass scoring.

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