Quantification of Diagnostic Protein Signatures of Polygenic Diseases Characterized by Mass Spectrometric Proteome Analysis: A Study on Mamma Carcinoma

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J.P. C. Vissers, M. Morris, J.L. Langridge (Waters), M. Kippling, T. Reimer, A. Kaste, C. Koy, M.O. Glocker (Proteome Center Rostock, Univeristy of Rosteck,Germany)
ABRF 2006 Feb 11-14, 2006 Long Beach CA, AACC 2006, Oct 13-14, Baltimore MD
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Tissue samples from three individuals that belong to the group of post-menopausal women suffering from invasive ductal carcinoma were studied. The biological material has been extracted after full mammary gland removal. In this study, a comprehensive MS-based discovery strategy is applied for a polygenic disease. This method employs the separation and detection of non-labelled tryptic fragments by means of an LC-MS acquisition.

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