A Comparison of UPLC/MS/MS and HPLC/MS/MS for Bioanalytical Method Validation Using an Analogue Internal Standard

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Iain Gibb, Ed Sprake and Steve Preece
HTC-9 2006 Feb 8-10, 2006 York, UK
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Other Symposium
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This poster shows that the Waters UPLC combined with the Waters Micromass Quattro Premier XE (UPLC/MS/MS) operating in MRM mode is an accurate, precise and robust technique, which will also give the benefits of greater speed, sensitivity and resolution over HPLC/MS/MS. We produced a validated UPLC/MS/MS method for the analysis of Pindolol and Acebutolol in human plasma over the range 0.2-1.50 ng/mL.

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