System Management Tools for a High Throughput Open Access UPLC/MS System Used During the Analysis of Thousands of Samples

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Darcy Shave, Warren Potts, Michael Jones, Paul Lefebvre, Rob Plumb
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Application Notes
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Waters Open Access Systems give chemists the ability to analyze their own samples close to the point of production. OpenLynx Toolkit enables administrators to manage Open Access users from a central point, assign detailed configuration information and attributes for these users and then export these details to multiple OALogin PCs and Acquisition PCs. OpenLynx toolkit also enables administration and users to remotely monitor the status of Acquisition PCs. An example is given using the ACQUITY UPLC System with the ZQ Mass Detector.

For more information about LC and MS for confirming the identity and purity of drug discovery compounds to support high throughput screening (HTS), optimization, and physicochemical property profiling, download the Waters Medicinal Chemistry Applications Book.

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