Evaluation of LC-ESi/LC-MALDI in the Analysis of Photosystem I and II Complex of Barley

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Marten F. Snel, Diana Uria, Thérèse McKenna, James Langridge, Alistair Wallace (Waters);Bernhard Granvogl, V. Reisinger, Lutz A. Eichacker (Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität)
ASMS 2006 May 28-June 1 Seattle, Wa
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ASMS 2006 Proteomics: Sample Preparation III Comparison of MALDI and ESI LC-MS/MS was performed on a single MS platform. In total 15 proteins from the Photosystem I and II complex were identified. Slightly higher amino acid sequence coverage was obtained using ESI LC-MS/MS. Using a combination of ESI and MALDI allowed the number of proteins and sequence coverage to be maximized. MS/MS spectra from common peptides identified by MALDI and ESI exhibit different fragmentation patterns, owing primarily to the precursor ion charge state.

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