Optimizing Throughput of Physicochemical Property Analyses

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Paul M Lefebvre, Darcy Shave, Warren B Potts III, Robert Plumb
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Other Symposium
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Quattro micro API

The physicochemical properties of new chemical entities (NCEs) are used to evaluate their viability as a drug candidate. These properties include hydrophobicity, solubility, membrane permeability, chemical stability, metabolic stability and protein binding. With the fail sooner faster approach for lead optimization, larger sample sets are being screened. This puts additional strain on the drug discovery laboratories and generates large quantities of data to be processed and reviewed.

The analysis of solubility assay samples can be performed with HPLC/MS, however UPLC/MS gives a 7.5 fold increase in throughput while giving equivalent results.

ProfileLynx automates data processing and presents the data in a simple, interactive, user-friendly format.

Multiple physicochemical measurements can be made from a single injection with the appropriate experiment design.

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