Open-access UPLC/MS Solutions for Analytical Support Laboratories

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Marian Twohig, Paul Lefebvre, Darcy Shave, Rob Plumb
Drug Discovery 2007, August 6 - 9, Boston, MA
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Other Symposium
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Open-access mass spectrometry has been successfully implemented by analytical chemistry support laboratories as an effective way of rapidly characterizing synthetic compounds and answering complex structural questions. These questions include issues such as correct formula (nominal mass), reaction completion (OA LC/MS), purity (UV and ELSD), and structural elucidation (HR-MS in conjunction with NMR). Single quadrupole mass spectrometers are used routinely to answer less complex questions relating to nominal mass confirmation. Occasionally nominal mass is not sufficient to provide answers relating to less well characterized reactions. High resolution mass spectrometers can identify unexpected byproducts and complete unknowns. 

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