Evaluation of Second Generation Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Particles

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Kevin D. Wyndham;John E. O''Gara;Nicole Lawrence;Kenneth Glose;Pamela S. Iraneta;Bonnie Alden;Cheryl Boissel;Thomas H. Walter [Waters]
Pittcon 2003
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As part of our ongoing exploration into the new field of hybrid organic/inorganic particles as HPLC packing materials, we have recently evaluated the use of ethyl bridged alkoxysilanes as particle precursors. By employing a 4:1 molar ratio of inorganic (i.e., SiO2) to organic substituent groups (i.e., SiO1.5CH2CH2SiO1.5) units, novel silsequioxane-based materials have been shown to be excellent base particles for the preparation of efficient and resilient reversed-phase (e.g., C18, C8) packing materials. In this report, we take a close look at the synthesis and characterization of highly spherical ethyl bridged hybrids particles. We will also evaluate the reversed-phase chromatographic performance of these ethyl bridged hybrid packing materials, and compare these results with conventional silica-based and methyl hybrid packing materials.

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