Liquid Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry Directed Peptide Purification

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Cecilia B. Mazza;Martin Gilar;Jie Y. Cavanaugh;Kenneth J. Fountain;Jeff Mazzeo;Uwe D. Neue [Waters]
Fall ACS 2002; 224th ACS National Meeting; Boston August 18-22
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Peptide; Protein; Des-Try1-Methionine Enkephalin Acetate; Methionine Enkephalin Acetate; Leucine Enkephalin Synthetic; Leucine Enkephalinamide Acetate
XTerra MS C18 5 µm Steel 4.6 mm 50 mm
In recent years biopharmaceutical companies have focused their attention on peptide purification due to their therapeutic potential. Until recently ultra-violet (UV) directed fraction collection has been commonly used. Mass spectrometry directed peptide purification offers additional benefits that makes it an attractive method,such as the convenience, accuracy and robustness of fraction collection triggered by the targeted peptide mass. Liquid chromatography coupled with on-line mass spectrometry relies on mass spectrometry compatible buffers. We evaluated the impact of the buffer pH on selectivity as well as peptide retention relationships. We investigated scale-up and purification of peptides using both UV and mass spectrometry directed fraction collection.

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