Waters Purification Systems

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Compound purification and isolation can be more efficient — and more productive

Waters, the leader in preparative chromatography, offers scalable systems to meet your isolation and purification requirements. With a combination of integrated high-performance instrumentation, robust chemistry, easy-to-use software, and world-renowned support services, Waters Purification Systems reliably isolate and purify microgram to multigram quantities of your compounds of interest. Whether you run a few samples a day or several hundred, your lab will operate with a level of confidence and productivity that multi-vendor systems cannot match.

With Waters purification systems your lab is ready for tomorrow’s analyses. 

  • Robust and reliable systems improve your ability to manage ever-increasing workload demands 
  • Flexible configurations enable easy scale-up from analytical to preparative chromatography 
  • Dependable instruments allow for confident, unattended operation 
  • Easy-to-upgrade systems bring the latest technologies to your labs

With Waters systems, purify using multiple detection choices: n

  • Ultraviolet/Visible (UV/Vis) Absorbance 
  • Evaporative Light Scattering (ELS) 
  • Photodiode Array (PDA ) 
  • Mass Spectrometry (MS ) 
  • Analog

Manage Sample Injection and Collection: 

  • Manual Injection 
  • Automated Injection 
  • Automated Collection
  • Automated Injection and Collection

Choose the pump that suits your need:

  • Low Pressure Mixing
  • High Pressure Mixing

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