BioSuite HPLC Columns for Protein and Peptide Separations

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Applications in this brochure include *Proteins by Ion-Exchange: Trypsinogen, Ribonuclease, Alpha-Chymotrypsinogen A, Cytochrome c, Lysozyme, Thyrogobulin, BSA Dimer, BSA, ß-Lactoglobulin, Myoglobin *Proteins by SEC: Thyroglobulin (MW 670,000 Da), Gamma globulin (MW 155,000 Da), Beta Lactoglobulin (MW18,400 Da), Lysozyme (14,300 Da), Cytochrome C (12,400 Da),Triglycine (189 Da), IgG (MW 156,000 Da), BSA (66,330Da), Ovalbumin (MW 43,000 Da), Peroxidase (40,200 Da), Myoglobin (MW 16,900 Da), Ribonuclease A (MW 13,700 Da), Glycine tetramer (246 Da) *Peptides by Reverse-Phase Polymeric Resin: Met-enkephalin , bradykinin , leu-enkephalin, Neurotensin , bombesin , Angiotensin l, Somatostatin , Insulin Transferrin
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Waters BioSuite™ HPLC columns for protein and peptide separations contain new high-performance chemistries dedicated to the isolation, analysis, and characterization of biomolecules. Separation offerings include ion-exchange, size exclusion, hydrophobic interaction, and reversed-phase columns and support Waters array of LC and LC/MS systems. Some of the key performance attributes of the BioSuite columns for protein and peptide separations include: * Ion-exchange, size exclusion, hydrophobic interaction and reversed-phase column offerings. * Excellent resolution and recovery of proteins and peptides. * Available in different particle and pore sizes. * Scaleable from analytical to lab scale preparative applications.

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