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BSA ;Lysozyme ;Ovalbumin;Myoglobin; Ubiqutin; Bacteriorhodopsin;
Waters has introduced a new reagent, RapiGest SF, that dramatically improves in-solution enzymatic protein digestion in terms of speed and peptide recovery. RapiGest™ SF is available in 1 or 10mg vials containing enough material for 1-10 digestions. RapiGest™ SF will not modify protiens/peptides,suppress endoproteases, or interfere with HPLC, MALDI-TOF MS or HPLC/MS techniques. Many hydrophobic proteins are resistant to proteolysis because their cleavage sites are inaccessible to endoproteases. RapiGest™ SF is a mild denaturant that solubilizes and unfolds the substrate protein, making it more amenable to cleavage. RapiGest SF features and benefits include: - Increases peptide recovery and coverage - Facilitates the digestion of proteolytically resistant proteins - Increases solubility of hydrophobic proteins/peptides - Compatible with MALDI, ESI, HPLC - Acidic conditions break down RapiGest SF to non-interfering by-products - Does not suppress peptide ionization -RapiGest SF shows significant advantage over other denaturants since it is not disruptive to endoprotease activity -Allows use of lesser amounts of expensive endoproteases -Is effective in Asp-N, Glu-C, Lys-C, and chymotrypsin digestions -Significantly decreases proteolytic digestion time -Enables same day digestions and analysis

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