Comparable Chromatographic Performance for Amino Acid Analysis Using the AccQ•Tag Ultra VanGuard Pre-Column

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Kenneth D. Berthelette, Jennifer M. Nguyen, Ning Zhang, Paula Hong, Jennifer Simeone
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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This application note demonstrates the analysis of complex matrices can cause column performance issues when performed routinely.  In plasma, cell culture media, or food samples, the presence of endogenous compounds like lipids or proteins can cause the inlet frit of the column to become blocked over time, leading to increased column pressure and decreased column lifetime. One way to mitigate this is to use guard columns, which can be routinely changed to protect the analytical column from fouling. The work shown here compares the chromatographic performance of the AccQ•Tag Ultra Column with and without an AccQ•Tag Ultra guard for the analysis of neat cell culture media standard.

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