Xevo TQ-S cronos for the Analysis of Banned Veterinary Drug Residues: Determination of Nitrofuran Metabolites and Chloramphenicol in Chicken Muscle at Regulatory Limits

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Renata Jandova, Sara Stead
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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This application note shows the performance of an ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System coupled to the Xevo TQ-S cronos is suitable for the quantitative analysis of banned veterinary drug residues in extracts from food of animal origin at the concentration levels required for EU Regulatory compliance.

Calibration characteristics (linearity, sensitivity), ion ratio criteria, and retention time stability and inter-day repeatability were all shown to be within the parameters defined by the 2002/657 guidelines for method validation.  

This superior performance (without the requirement for operator maintenance) can be attributed to the technology features of the Xevo TQ-S cronos, including the reverse cone design (shielding the inner cone from contamination), orthogonal geometry ion source, StepWave ion guide, and the T-Wave enabled collision cell.

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