BioResolve SEC mAb Guard Columns for Production Process and Formulation Development Samples

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Stephan M. Koza Weibin Chen
Waters Corporation
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Size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) is commonly used to support the development of biotherapeutic protein products to evaluate protein self-association and fragmentation. However, in-process purification and formulation development samples can often result in the target protein being in solutions that can form precipitates which can greatly decrease SEC column life. Here we demonstrate the utility of the BioResolve SEC mAb, 200 Å, 2.5 µm Guard Column to provide effective protection for an analytical BioResolve SEC, 2.5 µm, 7.8 x 300 mm Column, and having minimum impact on resolution. In addition, we demonstrate the predicted increased tolerance of 2.5 µm particle size columns towards samples with suspended protein precipitates versus a column with a 1.7 µm particle size.

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