Rapid Proteomic Analysis Using 1 mm Scale Chromatography, Providing the Required Throughput for Large Cohort Studies

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Sarah Lennon, Christopher J. Hughes, Robert S. Plumb, Lee A. Gethings
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Utilizing 1 mm scale chromatography coupled to the SYNAPT XS Mass Spectrometer has shown to provide high quality data for moderately complex proteomic analyses (i.e., E. coli and plasma digests). The number of protein and peptide identifications is comparable with nanoflow configurations. The acquisition time is drastically reduced from 90 min (75 μm) to 15 min (1 mm) allowing for an approximate six-fold increase in sample throughput, making it suitable for large cohort studies. Moreover, the set-up has been shown to be highly reproducible in terms of retention times and peak areas.

**For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.**

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