Method Development Tools for More Efficient Screening of Biopharmaceutical Method Conditions Using the ACQUITY Arc Bio System Part 2 of 2: Screening SEC and IEX Conditions in a Single Experiment

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Brooke M. Koshel, Robert E. Birdsall, Ying Qing Yu
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Protein Ion-Exchange Columns

In this work, column switching capabilities and buffer preparation technology were used to develop high-level screening protocols. Auto•Blend Plus was used to blend various mobile phase compositions from concentrated stock solutions so that method conditions could be readily screened without the need for preparation of separate mobile phases at each set of conditions. This allowed for a single sample set to be generated to screen pH and ionic strength for both SEC and IEX methods with minimal user intervention. The bio-inert flow path of the ACQUITY Arc Bio System is especially advantageous for applications such as these, which otherwise leave an LC system susceptible to corrosion due to the buffer systems used for analysis. These features of the ACQUITY Arc Bio System allow for a simplified and higher throughput approach to early method development, which can help guide further method optimization.

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