Simultaneous Analysis of Fat-Soluble Vitamins A, D, and E in Food Using ACQUITY Arc Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography

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Qin Yuhong, Huang Defeng, Chen Jing
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Application Notes
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This application is based on Waters' existing solutions of two-dimensional ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UPLC 2D). Using ACQUITY Arc (UHPLC) 2D technology under reversed-phase conditions, the separation and assay of vitamin A, α, β, γ, δ-tocopherol, vitamin D2, and vitamin D3 can be completed simultaneously with one sample injection, and the entire assay only takes 15 min. Vitamin A and α, β, γ, δ-tocopherol are separated and quantified on the 1st dimension column, while vitamin D is heart-cut into the trap column after preliminary separation and clean-up on the 1st dimension column, followed by transfer into the 2nd dimension column for further separation and assay to achieve baseline separation of vitamin D2 and D3.

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