Small Molecule Ion Mobility Investigations into Cross-platform and Long-term Robustness of a CCS Metric

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Mike McCullagh, Michelle Wood, Nayan Mistry, Severine Goscinny, Petur Dalsgaard
Waters, Sciensano, Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Copenhagen
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The studies included an evaluation of the long-term reproducibility of CCS measurement (up to four years), TWIM CCS calibration robustness, intra/inter-site measurements, and cross-platform CCS reproducibility. The investigations included hundreds of analytes relevant to forensic toxicology for which a comparison has been performed where commonality in analyte investigation has occurred. Additionally, ion mobility investigations into classes that include veterinary drugs (fluoroquinolone protomers), medicinal plant extract analysis (flavonoids), pesticide screening, food analysis (steviol glycosides), and system performance monitoring (QC analytes) will be utilized to illustrate the robustness of routine collision cross section measurements. 

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