Analysis of Methylmalonic Acid in Serum Using the Xevo TQ-S micro for Clinical Research

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Dominic Foley, Marijn Van Hulle, Heather Brown, Lisa Calton
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Application Notes
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An analytically sensitive and selective clinical research method has been developed for the analysis of methylmalonic acid using the Xevo TQ-S micro.

The Xevo TQ-S micro enables the analysis of physiologically low levels down to 21 nmol/L of MMA, while only using 100-μL sample volume. Excellent levels of precision across the calibration range have been demonstrated. Comparison to an independent LC-MS/MS method demonstrated excellent agreement in serum samples. In-well protein precipitation using Ostro plates facilitated a simple sample preparation workflow for high throughput analysis of MMA.

**For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.**

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