Determination of Chlorate and Perchlorate in Infant Milk Using Waters Anionic Polar Pesticide Column and UPLC-MS/MS

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J. D. De-Alwis, Euan Ross, and Stuart Adams
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Here we evaluate the performance of the ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System, coupled with the Xevo TQ-XS Mass Spectrometer, for the determination of chlorate and perchlorate in dairy products.

In-house verification of this approach showed excellent sensitivity for the detection, identification, and quantification of chlorate and perchlorate. The method provided effective extraction and clean-up and can be applied to various dairy matrices. The Xevo TQ-XS provided exemplary performance in terms of linearity and calibration range. The trueness and precision of the method determined at various QC levels gave excellent results for bias and %RSD.

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