Strategies for Targeted and Untargeted Screening of Printing Ink Photoinitiators and Acrylates in Migration Studies Using UPLC and Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

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Marian Twohig, Gordon Fujimoto, Baiba Cabovska, Falk-Thilo Ferse, Santiago Gomez Romero
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In this study, UPLC, HRMS, and a custom library were used to detect photoinitiators and acrylates and perform quantitation of target analytes in a single-sided migration study using a food simulant as the testing medium.

A custom library greatly aided in the targeted analysis of the migration samples under test. The library consisted of acrylates and photoinitiators, some polymeric in nature with entries and identification information specific for each oligomer. TMPTA was identified and quantified in the single-sided migration study. The level of the TMPTA quantified in the simulant exceeded the SML of 50 μg/kg in two of the three samples printed with different opaque whites. The structural elucidation tools available in the UNIFI Software helped to identify photoinitiators with common fragments. The workflow illustrated here can be used to identify targeted and untargeted photoinitiators in migration studies.

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