Quantitative Analysis of Natural and Synthetic Estrogens in Surface and Final Effluent Waters at Low ppq Levels Using UPLC-MS/MS

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Euan Ross, Benjamin Wuyts, and Angela Boag
Waters and Scottish Water
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This method highlights the analysis of low ppq levels of synthetic estrogens in surface and final effluent waters. Utilizing Oasis SPE and Sep-Pak SPE sample preparation technologies, the optimized extraction method was found to provide the required concentration and clean-up, giving acceptable recoveries and repeatability in spiked surface water samples. The use of a large volume injection in combination with the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class and Xevo TQ-XS, allowed for the challenging detection requirements of this analysis to be achieved in surface water. The use of standard addition allowed for accurate quantitation of trace residues in final effluent samples.

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