Ion Mobility-enabled Data-dependent Experiments Distinguishing Co-eluting Isomeric Metabolites Using an IMS-QTof Mass Spectrometer

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Jayne Kirk, Russell Mortishire –Smith, Robert Beecher, Richard Clayton, Catherine Holsworth and Mark Wrona
Waters, Covance Laboratories Ltd
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In this study, nefazodone and its metabolites were used as a model system to explore the advantages of IMS-enabled DDA using Vion IMS QTof Mass Spectrometer.

Co-eluting metabolites attributed to glucuronides of dihydroxylated metabolites were successfully characterised using IMS-enabled DDA, generating two distinct precursor ion MS spectra and product ion MS/MS spectra for the drift time separated metabolites. The m/z and drift time filtered data provide cleaner, unambiguous spectra and increases confidence in structural assignment compared with simple m/z-selective DDA.

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