Separation of Small Intact Proteins on CORTECS UPLC C8 1.6 μm Columns

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Jacob N. Fairchild and Erin E. Chambers
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This technology brief demonstrates narrower peak widths observed using of CORTECS® UPLC® C8 1.6 μm Columns solid-core technology on the separation efficiency of small intact proteins.

Narrow peak widths and detection sensitivity can be challenging to achieve in small protein separations. Compared to ACQUITY UPLC BEH C8 1.7 μm Columns, markedly narrower peaks can be achieved on CORTECS UPLC C8 1.6 μm Columns. The bonded ligand is exactly the same, so the improvement is due to the base particle morphology of the solid-core particles. The improvements of solid-core particles becomes more pronounced with larger molecules, which was the case for the intact proteins tested here.

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