A Scaled USP Method for Fluconazole Using an ACQUITY UPLC

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Jennifer Simeone, Paula Hong, and Patricia R. McConville
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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This application note desbribes how we can increase throughput by scaling methods from HPLC to UPLC.

The ability to scale traditional HPLC methods to modern UPLC methods provides equivalent or enhanced performance while decreasing run time and solvent consumption. The Waters Columns Calculator is a useful tool when scaling methods by providing the user with scaled flow rates, injection volumes, and gradient tables (when applicable) while taking into account the particle porosity. Additionally, even within a specified 'L1' column packing, there are a number of C18 columns each differing in selectivity and retention. The CORTECS UPLC T3 Column chemistry proved to be a suitable column for the analysis of fluconazole and related compounds meeting all system suitability requirements of the USP monograph. The solid-core particle of the CORTECS Column provided narrower peak widths and improved efficiencies while reducing the total run time by approximately half when compared to a typical UPLC column and by more than eighty percent when compared to the original HPLC method.

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