Using UPLC-MS/MS for the Quantitation of Illicit or Prescription Drugs in Preserved Oral Fluid

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Rob Lee, Caoimhe Leahy, and Michelle Wood
Waters, Dublin Institute of Technology
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Forensic Toxicology

This technology brief develops a quantitative analytical method for 14 illicit or prescription drugs in preserved oral fluid.

The use of the Waters ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System allows for a quick and robust analytical method that can detect the analytes in a single run. The demonstrated injection-to-injection time of 7 min, combined with the simple sample preparation method utilizing Oasis MCX plates, minimizes matrix effects from the stabilizers used in commercial collection devices. This allows for high sample throughput. Furthermore the superior sensitivity of the Xevo TQD permits detection of the analytes at levels lower than the currently recommended maximum cut-offs for confirmation assays in workplace drug testing.

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