USP Method for the Impurity Analysis of Loratidine Using CORTECS C8 Columns

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Kenneth D. Berthelette and Thomas Swann
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In this application, the USP method for the impurity analysis of loratidine was transferred between three different columns.

CORTECS Columns are ideal for updating the original method from 5 μm particle sizes to both 2.7 μm and 1.6 μm particle sizes. With the addition of the new CORTECS C8 chemistry, USP monographs that require L7 columns can be modernized to these highly efficient columns. By taking advantage of the newest column and separation technology such as CORTECS Columns, an analyst can achieve faster analysis times using less solvent, without sacrificing column efficiency. By using CORTECS C8 Columns the analysis of loratidine and related compounds was performed up to ten times faster, while consuming ten times less solvent, resulting in both a time and cost per analysis savings.

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